My New Pipe

Today was payday, so I paid my bills, bought some groceries, balanced my check book, and decided I had enough money to buy not just a tin of tobacco, but a new pipe!

I've spent a lot of time over the past few days checking prices on the internet and comparing them with my local tobacconist. After figuring shipping and handling, I figured I could save maybe $5.00 by ordering from the internet.

But I can't handle the pipe before I buy it. I can't see how it feels in my hand. And I can't go to an internet vendor and ask, "Can I sample that tobacco before I buy it?"

So I went to see my friend Zeke at Tobacco Road. I knew I wanted two things: a new tin of tobacco, and a new pipe. I had pretty much decided on the tobacco, so that was a no-brainer. And I had pretty much decided on the brand pipe I wanted. I like the looks of the Peterson pipes.

I looked at a few and settled on a Shannon 03, a small walnut-colored briar. It's a small-bowled pipe, just perfect for a quick smoke during break at work. It'll take a few days to break it in, but I've got the time.

Oh, and what will I smoke in it? The tobacco I bought today, of course! Cornell & Diehl's Bayou Morning Flake. This is my first perique. Very tasty, almost chewy. Tried some in my Peterson Shannon #3. A mouthful of smoke leaves my mouth tasting almost like I have just eaten something satisfying. And did I detect a slight hint of black pepper?


It gurgled a bit towards the bottom, but I put that down to not packing my pipe well.

I'm fortunate enough to work out of doors most of the time, so it's easy for me to grab a smoke during the day. I'll be keeping my tin of Bayou Morning in my tool chest for an all-day smoke.


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